The Grand Hotel Ritz Rome joins the latest WiFi generation with N2S


The Grand Hotel Ritz Rome is a 5-star hotel with 100 rooms located in the exclusive Parioli district.

The hotel decided to invest in a high quality WiFi network to guarantee the total satisfaction of its clients.


The Grand Hotel Ritz Rome, a 100 rooms and 5-star hotel located in the exclusive Parioli district, has decided to renew its WiFi network in the hands of the Spanish company N2S, ensuring a next-generation WiFi 3.0 services. It also has several meeting rooms, ideal to host major events. The hotel has suffered a total refurbishment making possible to get the fifth star thanks to services such as the SPA and the new panoramic restaurant located on the seventh floor of the building.


To guarantee a full satisfaction of the customers, the hotel has also decided to invest and renew its WiFi network, committed to a high quality installation with a professional management platform, allowing the construction of customized marketing campaigns in real time for all kinds of customers. For this simple reason, the Grand Hotel Ritz Rome has chosen N2S due to the successful experience of the SMARTWIFI service in another hotel of the same group: the Hotel Regent Rome.


With this agreement, whose installation will be completed between late August and early September, N2S reaffirms the position of its Italian subsidiary as a reference in the sector of the luxury hotels in the Roman market. From N2S Spain we want to emphasize the great work our colleagues are doing in Rome, rising up as a reference in the, always difficult, Roman luxury hospitality market.


With more than 350 projects in various hotel groups, N2S stands at the forefront of next-generation WiFi facilities. No matter the type of the establishment (resort, small hotel, business hotel, boutique or as in this case, historical building), the team of engineers of N2S will design the best solution according with the needs of the customer.


At N2S we want to thank Grand Hotels Ritz for trusting in our company. We will continue to work and bet on the business model of WiFi with a cloud platform for management and networks control in real time provided by the best controllers of the market.