Customized projects

Our engineering department will design your network "ad hoc" with the optimal features for its setting.

The network design is optimized for every feature in each building or settlement. Turnkey project.

We have our own operations department for the execution of the project. It can be deployed for different network technologies (UTP, optical fibre, coaxial, radio links, mesh, cooper pair...).

Every building is different, that's the reason why N2S makes each design unique.

Technical support

There's nothing more overriding that caring about a technical incidence with the maximum speed and with an absolute efficiency.

Comparing with other companies, N2S does not outsource his 'Help Desk', while having this department in their own offices since born.

  • Alerta preventiva

    Preventive incidence alert

  • Proyectos a medida

    Multilanguage Help Desk 24/7

  • Proyectos a medida

    Technical assistance "on-site"


We add to our services the value of other tools and devices manufacturers: our technology is integrated with the main controllers of the WiFi market.

Splash portal

Customizable portal access for the customer through many prearranged templates, with several safe access methods: because each market has his own needs.

  • Ticket: generic user and password for every customer.
  • Register: the customer will choose his login information.
  • SMS: message sending for service authentication.
  • Social Networks: the customer can access to his accounts using Facebook or Twitter.
  • PMS: hotels can integrate the access method in their own PMSs.
  • Customer CRM: use the database as a tool for offering the access.
  • APPs: PayPal / Credit Card, the traditional way done by card.

Our portal can adjust to all the devices to make your navigation easier.


The Statistics area of the N2S management platform allows knowing every detailed feature for optimizing the performance of your company or even knowing the behavior of your customers; you can monitor from the number of connections or the kind of device used, to the frequency of their visits or the flow of customers in a specific spot.

  • Statistics: export the connection data, SO, traffic, devices and much more.
  • Database: Storage of many users registered data.
  • Data capture: Integration of the customer data.
  • Customer behavior: Frequency of their visits, customer traffic flow, trackings, etc.

Find out your customer actions and behaviors.


Take advantage of your WiFi services, adding advertising messages in the portal access during the "log-in" procedure. Build your own customized Marketing campaigns for conquering your client and gaining his confidence.

  • Segmentation: The more segmented your advertising campaign is, the bigger your conversion will be.
  • Visibility: Campaigns and promotions made by day, schedules and priorities.
  • Business intelligence: Campaigns performance reports.

A tool to get the most out of your WiFi network.