Month: June 2016

Smart WiFi: The tool that allows you to get to know your customer


The WiFi is the most valued when it comes to choose a hotel to stay.

Smart WiFi offers a return on the investment, opening up new opportunities.


A good WiFi connection is without doubt the most demanded items in hotels. The consumption of the internet from mobile devices has grown exponentially in recent years and has converted from an extra element to be a basic one. Offering a good WiFi connection is not a privilege but a basic necessity; a differentiating factor that makes guests choose an establishment or another.


If there is something that every hotel agreed is the importance of having a good WiFi connection in their establishments. In fact, WiFi is the most valued element for a guest when deciding in which hotel he is going to stay. But, what if that WiFi connection could be also used as a marketing tool?


Smart WiFi: Get the most out of it


That is exactly the function of our Smart WiFi platform. It allows you to get the most out of your network service. Apart from providing a complete control tool over your networks, Smart WiFi incorporates advertising messages at the gateway during the login process. This allows the creation of advertising and geolocated marketing campaigns customized to conquer your customer and earn his confidence.


Segmentation is the key to success in an advertising campaign. The more segmented this campaign is, the more effective the result will be and the conversion rate will increase as a result of it. Imagine the possibility of choosing what can you show to your guest based on their location, their tastes, habits or even company. Advertising success is guaranteed. That is what offers Smart WiFi: A return of your investment by installing a quality wireless network.


Security: a basic element


As well as the quality of the WiFi service, the security of the network connections is another essential factor to consider. That is the reason why in N2S we follow all the new guidelines issued by the LOPD (official data protection law). In addition, our Smart WiFi platform is constantly monitored from the cloud, registering all the connections that are made. We also have a multilingual personalized service for incidents available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


With more than 350 projects in several hotel groups, N2S stands at the forefront of next-generation WiFi connections. No matter what type your establishment is (small hotel, boutique hotel, business, resort…), our engineers will design the best solution according to your needs. Contact us without any obligation. We will be pleased to help you.



N2S, each day more experienced for providing maximum connectivity in high concurrency events


During the month of May N2S has carried out several WiFi installations for maximum connectivity and high concurrency events at various points of the Spanish geography.


In the hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa and Casino of Las Palmas, took place several events. Among them, we must highlight the one for ZDF and Hyundai auto brand.


On the other hand, in the hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipper, N2S performed an installation for a Horizon event with 200 simultaneous connections to the WiFi network. Something similar happened in the event held at the Meliá Sevilla, with 175 connections due to an organized act of American Express and the BBVA Bank.


Speed, guarantee, security and maximum concurrency have been the key values taken into account when performing these installations. These projects had very specific requirements for each one of them, which has led to a personalized study totally adapted to needs of each room and the objectives of the event. In addition, there has been a total customization of the portal access as well as the WiFi network, according to the needs that have been requested by different clients.


N2S never gets tired of innovating for a greater customer satisfaction. We have the most varied material and we collaborate with the best integrators in the market of WiFi connectivity; adding to this fact our great team of professionals, we ensure a great service in the best possible conditions.