Month: May 2016

N2S installs a new high connectivity WiFi connection in the Youth Oncology floors of the University Hospital of La Paz in Madrid.


The zone of Youth Oncology at the University Hospital of La Paz in Madrid will count now on with a high connectivity WiFi connection for patients and families.


The team of engineers of N2S, after doing a deep study of the needs and characteristics of the building, has installed the latest generation WiFi connection in the different floors of Youth Oncology and Transplants, the garden of “Mi Hospi” and the zone of Day Hospitality.

N2S has collaborated with the Juegaterapia Foundation. This foundation is in charge of making roof gardens in several hospitals and collecting computers, video games, tablets and mobile phones for giving them to the children who are hospitalized in the zone of Youth Oncology. N2S has also worked with Telefonica, who was in charge of the optical fiber installation, which guarantees a high speed connection and the maximum quality of the service.




For doing this installation, N2S has used the latest technology equipment with a high capacity so it was possible to satisfy the need of the youngest and their families. This service allowed many of them to work and to follow the scholarship year from the hospital when the stays are long.

In N2S we are very pleased of spending our time and resources in this social installation which is dedicated to the youngest and their families, allowing them to use a free and secure WiFi connection. We love our daily work, and much more if this means to give illusion to the most needed; in this case, there is not a better job.